What is Indoor Greenhouse Hybrid or IGH?

Indoor Greenhouse Hybrids are grown using indoor grow lights, indoor hydroponic mediums, hydroponic nutrients and indoor style pots. We also run cycles of 12 hours of light for flowering like a standard high-grade commercial indoor operation. In addition, we have forced air heating and evaporative cooling to keep our green houses the perfect temperature any time of the year. 

The only difference from Indoor is that we have the added bonus of being able to retract the roof and let the sun in. The sun is infinitely more powerful then the lights and allows the cannabis to grow to its full potential for THC, size and density.

At Life Gardens Farms we were founded on the vision of the future of the cannabis industry. It is a well-known fact that many experts believe indoor growing will subside and give way to Greenhouse. This has already become the case in other more mature cannabis markets like Amsterdam and California. 

IGH produces a very competitive product to indoor at a lower cost. Many cannabis connoisseurs prefer IGH to indoor. 


Triq Greenhouses

The future is here! Check out Triq greenhouses; the highest performing Cannabis production and processing facilities. Life Gardens will be moving forward with this innovation in the near future.