Life Gardens grows over 70 different strains of adult-use marijuana flowers on an outdoor cannabis farm in the heart of Washington state. The vision is to build a Washington cannabis brand that will set the standard for the world’s finest marijuana and processed products; top shelf cannabis at an affordable price. With 100 years of collective experience, the members of Life Gardens were hand-selected based on their ability to facilitate the goal of building a renowned brand of fine cannabis—not unlike a respectable brand of wine—viewed as a brilliant beacon for others to aspire to.

Life Gardens believes cannabis should reflect its origins; it’s a product of the soil, the climate, and the careful stewardship of those precious resources. With regards to its cultivation techniques, Life Gardens combines the latest technology with natural sunlight to produce superior marijuana products.

In addition to being fully licensed and compliant with all of Washington state's I502 laws, Life Gardens proudly self-imposes its own standards of quality and ethics when it comes to the production and sale of its products; from climate control to packaging design, Life Gardens takes every measure to ensure Washington residents and visitors have the best customer experience possible when it comes to purchasing & using cannabis.




Mathieu BegNI

Onsite Operations Director/Sales Manager  

Recently graduated from Central Washington University with a Business Administration Degree with a Specialty in Marketing Management, Mat had no idea what he wanted to do for a career. He did what all college graduates do after school--start sending resumes and finding odd jobs on Craigslist. Matt came across a marijuana farm job and started day 1 as a Farm tech and now he is site director while being involved with sales, marketing projects, ETC. After one year of working here he now knows this is the career that he wants to be a part of.   Mat loves being spontaneous and seeing where each day takes him. 


Administration Director

Rachael initially began working in the compliance sector at Life Gardens and moved to Executive Assistant/Sales Representative, handling customer service and administrative duties. She began working at a young age in a multitude of jobs which helped to instill a strong work ethic. After graduating from Central Washington University with a degree in Environmental Biology, Rachael went on to land restoration work for a few seasons before coming to work at Life Gardens. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors with her horses and shares a love for all animals.

Will Ketchen

Cultivation Director

I graduated from high school in Honolulu, HI and attended the University of Hawaii for a couple years. Then I joined the U.S. Coast Guard and was stationed in Seattle.  I fell in love with this state and decided to stay when I separated from the service.  I've been with Life Gardens since November 2014 and currently work as the cultivation Director.   I enjoy long walks on the beach and smoking dabs.  GO HAWKS!!

Dexter Wilks

Processing Director

Born and raised on Vashon Island; Dexter enjoyed a multitude of sports, recreation, horticulture, heavy metal, and musicianship for 23 years until moving to Seattle and then onward to Ellensburg. There he landed his dream job at Life Gardens and worked his way into upper management with the help and guidance of his peers and Director Matt Begni He plans to stay in the cannabis industry as a career and to continue networking with other likeminded individuals. Look for his flowing golden locks of hair in the silken chroma of the Milky Way on a clear summer night.

Michael Safley

Clone/Genetics Director

After graduating from Pierce College in 2011, Michael moved to Ellensburg to be an instrumental music major at Central Washington University. It was during his time in Ellensburg, that he realized his true passion for Cannabis. In June of 2014, Michael made the decision to leave Ellensburg in search of a job in the Cannabis Industry. After 2 months, his search landed him right back in Ellensburg at Life Gardens. After being a part of the historic first harvest, he worked closely with Matt Begni, and Dexter Wilks to form our packaging department, and implement policies to strengthen our brand and product. Michael's knowledge of cannabis plants has now drawn him away from processing and packaging, and back to working with Cultivation.

Tyler Brost

Construction Director

Tyler started in August 2014 as a temp. Through the highly demanding industry and the fearless leadership of Mark Ziegler this farm has become Tyler's dream. He is the construction manager and is responsible for constructing the light depravation system. Tyler is fearless, determined and dedicated. He is extremely excited to see where his handiwork will take him in this industry.